My Top Tips For Looking Fresh In the Morning

You know how it goes. You stay up late watching TV or scrolling social media and before you know it you’ve only got a few hours until you have to wake up and you know you’re going to regret your pre-bed late-night choices. But, with things to do and people to see, we don’t want to look as tired as we feel, but I’ve got your back – today I want to share my top tips for looking fresh in the morning.

Practice good skincare

When we’re tired or dehydrated, our skin is one of the first things to suffer and dull, tired, lifeless skin will have you looking visibly run down and feeling rubbish, so it’s important we look after it! You don’t have to spend mega bucks or be particularly knowledgeable to take care of your skin though – a good cleanser, toner and moisturiser used daily will do you the world of good and make all the difference. Add to that a face mask a couple of times a week and your skin will be thanking you in no time! (Also, it goes without saying, ladies: NEVER sleep in your make-up!)

Skincare and looking fresh in the morning
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Face exercises

We all know how important working out our body is, but did you know our face needs exercise too? By taking the time to do some simple every day facial exercises, your skin will become tighter, lessening the appearance of wrinkles, lessening sagging, and even removing toxins. Some parts of the face are also pressure points too which can be used to alleviate headaches and other ailments. There’s so much information online so take a look and find the exercises that best suit your needs.

Good ventilation

Being stuck indoors is no good for our skin and if it’s warm and stuffy when I’m sleeping, I often find I wake up feeling groggy and de-motivated. So, before bed, make sure the room isn’t too warm and if it’s not too cold outside, open a window to let in a bit of a breeze and some fresh air.

Stay hydrated

Drinking a pint of water before bed and another immediately upon waking is really good for your body as a whole. It means your body doesn’t begin to feel dehydrated overnight, and in the morning that first flush of water through your system will have you feeling more alert and ready for the day.

Stay hydrated, looking fresh in the morning
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Make yourself comfortable

Making sure your sleeping space is comfortable is perhaps the most important thing when it comes to getting a good sleep and waking up feeling fresh in the morning, so it’s worth taking the time to make it perfect. Ensure your mattress is good quality, your sheets are clean and fresh (change them once a week ideally) and that there is nothing that can interrupt your slumber. Try to remove any light sources (alarm clocks with permanently lit displays) and keep your phone on silent and a distance away from the bed. I change my duvet from summer to winter too, reducing the tog for the warmer months so I don’t find myself getting too hot and uncomfortable as this will definitely affect how well you can rest overnight and whether or not you’ll be looking fresh in the morning!

Get into a routine

We all know that babies need a routine to get ready for bed, but this is really no different for us adults! If you have a set routine each night before bed, your body will learn the process and start getting itself in the right mindset for sleeping well and getting a good rest. Do your skincare, write in your journal, have a cup of herbal tea, and most importantly of all, stay away from electricals – no TV, no laptop and no looking at your phone! Your need to give your mind the chance to relax and wind down so that it can drift into a natural, peaceful sleep.

I find all of these tips really help me with feeling more rested and refreshed and I hope that they might help you too!

Do you have any other ideas for getting a good nights sleep and waking up looking fresh in the morning? I’d love to hear them!

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