Housework Hacks I Think You’re Going To Love!

We all love Mrs Hinch, don’t we? She’s taken housework – something so many people hated – and turned it into a fun new hobby! Add to that the fact she’s bloody lovely, and it’s no wonder she’s taken Instagram by storm.

I have to admit, housework has always been something I’ve loved. When I lived alone I used to spend so much of my time cleaning because I found it so much fun – what better way is there to spend a Sunday morning than with your music blaring at top volume while you dance around the house cleaning?!

So, I thought the time had come for me to share some of the knowledge I’ve gained over the past 15 years or so – here are my favourite housework hacks:

Shine your stainless steel with baby oil

Stainless steel looks absolutely stunning in the home, but it’s an absolute nightmare for marks and fingerprints! Take some baby oil on a cloth, buff away and it’ll come up looking absolutely spotless (it also smells incredible!)

Dry your laundry faster by adding a towel

Tumble driers can take an absolute age to get clothes dry – not to mention the amount of electricity they use up doing it – and I’m sure we’ve all had that moment where the drying cycle finishes only for you to pull the clothes out and find they’re still damp. Nightmare! Adding a towel in with the load will absorb loads of the moisture – remove it after 15 minutes though, otherwise it can actually take longer.

housework hacks towels in drier
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Descale your taps and shower heads with vinegar

Limescale is the bane of my life and living in a hard water area it’s something I have to constantly battle with. There’s lots of chemical-based products out there for tackling it, but none of them even begin to compare to household vinegar (the sort you put on your chips, yes!) Soak a sheet of kitchen roll, wrap it around the tap or shower head, then cover in either cling film or silver foil and leave for an hour – hey presto! Limescale be gone!

Clean glass with vinegar and newspaper

Another use for household vinegar and one my Mum and Nan always swore by. Take some newspaper, soak with vinegar, and clean your glass as you would usually – they’ll come up shining clean and without the use of any nasty chemicals!

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Nasty smells? Put vanilla extract in the oven!

This is a tip I used to use in my previous job as an estate agent – if you’ve got people coming round and you want a quick way to get the house smelling fresh, pop 2 or 3 teaspoons of vanilla extract in a mug or bowl and put into your oven on a low heat for an hour. The scent will slowly fill your entire home and have it smelling beautiful!

Keep your bathroom smelling fresh with essential oils

Another top tip for keeping your home smelling nice – and one that is so incredibly simple! Buy your choice of essential oil (I’m a fan of lavender personally) and place a few drops on the inside of the cardboard tube inside your toilet roll. It’ll last for ages and have your home smelling beautiful without the need for buying expensive air fresheners!

Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

Microwave your sponges to give them a longer life

We all know that sponges are heaven for bacteria, but they’re a household item we can’t live without. So how do we keep them clean and reduce the rate at which we need to throw them away? Simple! Immerse your sponge in a microwavable bowl of water and pop into the microwave for 3 minutes. This will kill the bacteria and your sponge will back to it’s best, perfectly clean and hygenic. Be careful though and don’t touch it immediately – it’ll be very hot!

Use white bread to clean up broken glass

A bit of a weird one, but it works! If you drop a glass and it shatters into lots of pieces on the floor, it can be easy to think you’ve got all the shards, only to find out later you missed a bit when it becomes embedded in your foot. Take away the risk by using a piece of white bread and applying it to the area where the glass fell – all those nasty little pieces will be collected up leaving your floor nice and safe for you!

Use a lemon to clean your microwave

This is actually a bit of a double whammy as I’ve used the same method to carry out a quick clean of my oven too. Fill a microwavable bowl with water and lemon that you’ve cut into quarters, microwave for around 5 minutes (or put in a roasting dish in the oven for approx. 45 minutes), remove (be careful, it’ll be hot!) and use a cloth to wipe it down. Hey presto! Super clean microwave with minimal effort! 

housework hacks lemon cleans microwave
Photo by Dominika Roseclay from Pexels

Clean your toilet with Coca Cola

We’ve all seen those videos on the internet that show how Coca Cola strips all the dirt and grime off of a penny, with the warnings about what it must be doing to our insides, but it’s not all bad news because it’s a good example of what a powerful cleaning product it can be! Pour some coke around the pan of your toilet and leave to soak overnight – in the morning use your brush to wipe around, flush and it’ll be left spotless!

I love finding new housework hacks, tips and tricks for keeping my house nice, so if you know of any I’ve not listed here, I’d love to hear them!

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