How To Keep A House With Pets Clean

Having pets is one of life’s greatest joys as far as I’m concerned. They brighten every day and there’s no way I can feel lonely when I’ve always got them with me. But there’s no denying that they do cause me to need to do a lot more housework, especially in the warmer months when they’re shedding fur to lose their winter coats! But, after over 13 years of having pets in the home, I consider myself a bit of a pro when it comes to keeping on top of cleaning up after them, so today I want to share some of my top tips to keep a house with pets clean.

Air fresheners are your friend

No matter how cute your pet might be, there’s no denying that sometimes they can be pretty smelly. This is where air fresheners come in – I always have a plug-in version on in my hallway so the scents greets you as soon as you walk in the front door, and I also have reed diffusers dotted around the house to keep the rooms smelling fresh. One place you might find scents clinging though is your furniture, as your pets smell can cling to the fabric  – my favourite way to keep on top of this is to use Febreeze fabric freshener sprays as this doesn’t just cover the scent but actively works to remove it, leaving your material smelling fresh.

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Blankets, blankets, blankets

Another great way to keep your beds and sofas free of pet smells is to cover them with blankets where your pet likes to sleep. This way, you can just whip them off once a week, pop them in the washing machine and once they’ve dried you can put them back on smelling all fresh and new. (Blankets are also a great way to prevent damage to your furniture, either from their claws or from any accidents).

Scoop the poop!

If you have a pet that goes to the toilet inside, ensuring you clear away their poop quickly is one of the best ways to prevent smells from lingering in the air. As and when you see they’ve been, scoop it out and dispose of it immediately. If you’ve got a cat I recommend using wooden litter as I find this soaks up deposits and covers up odours much better than any of the other options out there, and invest a few pounds in a mat to place under the tray so that when they come out of it with litter stuck to their paws, the mat removes some of this before they walk around the house keeping both your flooring and your pets clean.

pets clean cat litter tray
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Invest in a specialised vacuum cleaner

There are so many vacuum cleaner options out there nowadays that it can be a bit of minefield when trying to decide which one to buy, but most manufacturers now offer options that are specifically designed for households with pets, and they’re definitely worth spending a little bit more on. As well as vacuuming your carpet, I recommend doing the same to your sofas every couple of weeks too, just to catch those hairs that have been shed and can build up over time.

Bath time!

If you’ve got a cat you’ll know they spend a huge amount of time bathing themselves, but dogs are much less hygiene conscious so will need regular baths. If you go into your local pet store you’ll see a whole section dedicated to pampering your pooch, with everything from shampoos to actual perfume to keep your pets clean and smelling fresh! Also, make sure you brush your pet regularly too, as this will remove the hair that they’re shedding and encourages the natural oils from their skin to be released which will have their fur looking shinier and healthier. Your pet won’t always thank you for these pampering sessions but they’ll feel great afterwards and you’ll reap the rewards of them smelling fresh and clean.

pets clean dog bath
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