Top Tips For Creating A Feature Wall In Your Home

If there’s a home décor style that seems to be lasting the test of time, it’s a feature wall. But not only does this design style look good, but it can be easy on the budget too, allowing you to splash the cash on jazzing up one part of your room, while keeping the remaining walls a little bit more simple (read: cheaper!)

Here are my top tips for creating a feature wall in your home:

Make the most of your rooms existing layout

Stop right there. Look around you. What features does your room have already that can be used? That could be an alcove, mantlepieces or fireplaces, where the TV stands, or even a window with a lovely view. These are the areas to make the most of – listen to the way your home is speaking to you, let loose your artistic flair and make the most of what you already have!

Embrace colour

Remember when we all painted everything magnolia? Well, those days are long behind us and when you’re creating a feature wall, a bright or bold colour is your saviour. A pop of colour in the décor will completely change the way your room looks and will draw the eye of whoever walks into it!

Blue feature wall living room
Photo by HomeLane .com from Pexels

Make it arty

Have you thought about a gallery wall? Hanging pictures in frames and mounting shelves with ornaments on it can be used in so many different ways – mis-matched items look really funky, or streamline it all for something a little more polished. Another positive is that your gallery wall will never be like anyone else’s as it’s so personal – it’ll be truly unique!

Shelves gallery feature wall
Photo by Thought Catalog from Pexels

Ditch the paint, embrace the paper

Fancy something a little more jazzy than a block colour wall but not so confident with your painting abilities? Wallpaper is the answer for you and there are so many different designs, colours and styles out there, you will definitely be able to find something that is just right for your tastes. (Also, a pattern can hide unsightly lumps and bumps without the need to pay for a plasterer to re-skim your walls – winning!)

Light it up!

Don’t just focus on the colour, design and layout of your wall; think about how you’re going to light the space too. Whether you opt for some wall lights, spotlights, or even candles, the placement of the light source will completely change the way the space looks. There are some great options out there these days for battery lighting too, so if you don’t want to get involved with running electrical cables, you don’t have to!

Crates and lighting feature wall
Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

Go naked

Not all homes need to have their walls covered up – some look better in their natural state. Exposed brickwork, stone walls, and industrial features like steel can be absolutely stunning and you can dress your whole room around it. Be careful though: you probably want to get a professional opinion on this before you do it to make sure you don’t undermine the structure of your home. Making your home beautiful is important, but you need to be safe and comfortable too!

Exposed bricks feature wall
Photo by Chait Goli from Pexels

I’m a big fan of feature walls and think there is so much potential in the idea of them – they can be whatever we want them to be and as personal to us as we want them to be.

Do you have any other tips for creating a feature wall that I haven’t thought of?

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