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DIY Projects That Could Transform Any Space In Your Home

When it comes to decorating a home, we all have our own personal style to contend with. Some people like to stick with the catalogue inspiration you find in many magazines, while others like quirky and unusual items to decorate their homes. However, one thing we can all get involved in a little more is by creating our own pieces for our home. 

You may think you are not very crafty or perhaps haven’t got much time or patience for creating things yourself. But some things are so easy that you just might be tempted to give them a go yourself. Thanks to websites like Pinterest there is more inspiration than ever before, from the complex to the easy you are bound to find something you could do. I thought it would be a great idea to share with you some DIY crafts that could help you get started. 

Homemade soft furnishings

I think all of us will have some sort of soft furnishings in our home, so why not create some of them yourself. They’re amazing to style a room and can help create a theme or carry out a colour scheme you had in mind. Here are some of the top homemade soft furnishings you could create. 


Cushions are one of the easiest things you can sew. With many patterns online to help you cut out the fabric and even tutorials on how to use the sewing machine you can’t go far wrong. The great thing about this is that you get to choose the fabric, so it makes an unusual dressing feature to a bed or couch. Cushions can be all out a little crazy so don’t be too afraid to pick out a bright and vibrant fabric with a crazy pattern. It could transform your living areas and make great talking points. Plus they are unique so there is no chance of someone having anything the same as you. 

Bed linen

If you are a little more daring or brave, you could take on the challenge of creating your own bed linen. In theory, it’s just like creating one giant cushion cover, but there is a lot of fabric to be working with so you may want to keep up with the practice on smaller items. Again the best thing about it is choosing your own fabric so you can be as unique and daring as you want to be with vibrant patterns or unusual colour choices. 


A bedspread is a little different. Traditionally being thicker in material and something that is more for dressing the bed area than sleeping with. Most people tend to create a patchwork quilt for this sort of thing. You could collect offcuts of fabric and design a really unusual piece. Something like this may be a more long-term project. 


Blankets make great presents, especially for friends and family who have just had a newborn baby. But they are also amazing in your home for those cold winter nights. However, a cute tip to remember for the future when you have your own family is to keep outgrown baby clothes. Use pieces of the material to create a beautiful patchwork blanket that could be a keepsake for years to come. 

DIY touches to already existing items

Sometimes we don’t have the time to create DIY items from scratch, but that doesn’t mean your home interior can’t have that DIY touch. This is when you could get creative with existing items in your home. 

Twinkly lights

Everything looks better by fairy light glow, am I right? Especially at this time of year where the twinkly lights are out in full force. But, this kind of lighting doesn’t have to be reserved for Christmas. Adding some cute fairy lights to a bed headboard makes a bedroom feel cosier and more inviting. You could even add some twinkly lights to shelves, plants, or even large pictures that hang on the walls. 


If you love a bit of bling to shine through your home, then get a little handy with the gems and a glue gun. Perhaps adding some gems to an existing lampshade, a shelf, or even a desk area. Hot glue guns and adhesives are easily purchased online and can be very simple to use. You could also add embellishments to clothes or other DIY projects you are making like blankets or cushion covers. 

Add some personalized artwork to your home

Finally, nothing is more personal than art. We all have our own personal tastes from textured paintings, canvas drawings to real-life photographs. So use this in abundance and create your own DIY projects to decorate your home with art. 

Diy Canvas Prints

If you have a talent for art why not use it? Blank canvases are easily purchased giving you that chance to create something from the heart. Perhaps you love bright and vibrant brushstrokes of paint, or something a little more delicate like a portrait or a painted landscape. Using your talent to create a piece of artwork for your home is satisfying. Especially when someone might compliment you on it. It’s a great way to continue a theme or colour scheme in any room decoration.

Photomontage wall

If you prefer the real-life side of art and you have a passion for photography or taking a picture then why not get a little snap happy with your camera more often and take those pictures. Create a photograph montage wall in one of your favourite rooms. You could use a theme of black and white prints with matching frames, or just go a little crazy and place random shots in no order. It’s such a personal thing and should engulf happy memories every time you look at it. 

Think about the lighting

Finally, one last thing that you can do is open up your curtains more to let the natural light in. It can transform a room. Even on the darkest of days, we are getting this winter, you will still be able to make the most of the midday light. 

I hope this has inspired you to add a bit of a DIY touch to your home decoration.

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